The Team


Sandra Shpilberg
Co-Founder & CEO
Coby Shpilberg
Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Team Members

Kimberly Wall
Delfina Kastelan
Data Lead
Mellisa Andrade
Content Manager
Arushi Talwar
Marketing Intern
Pedro San Martino
Data Manager
Austin Harrison
Marketing Intern
How We Got Started
A long time ago, our Co-Founder, Sandra, was a product director at BioMarin Pharmaceutical. One of her first strategic tasks was to learn about the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for a rare disease. Back then, she put together a lot of Excel spreadsheets and manually filled every box. This was a pain for sure, and the data was outdated the next time a KOL published a new paper. She tried to do her job as best she could, but the reality was that:
  • KOL discovery was slow and incomplete
  • There was no database to find complete profiles for these critical partners
  • There was no easy way to understand the collaboration networks already in place
  • The research was immediately outdated!
But first, Sandra took on another huge problem in the industry - finding patients for clinical trials. So, first, Sandra started and built Seeker Health. The company was sold to EVERSANA in late 2018. Fast forward to 2020 - the year the Covid pandemic started and her computer programmer son asked her the best question of all:

If you could build another company to solve a problem in biopharma, what would it be?

"I would build a company that solved the problem of finding KOLs efficiently, understanding their entire scientific history and how they collaborate with each other," she responded.
Enter Adnexi. We use technology to dramatically improve the process of searching for KOLs and collating deep profiles. We map collaborations. We operate across the globe. We work on any and all diseases and most importantly, we're helping leading biopharma companies accelerate the development of life-saving treatments, much needed by patients. It's nice to meet you! 👋🏼 We want to help you find the relationships that matter most in your disease of interest. We hope to work with you soon.