Case Study

KOL Identification for a Rare Disease Known by Many Names

The Challenge

An emerging biotech company developing a first-to-market treatment for an ultra rare disease - known by very many names - reached out to Adnexi to:

  • Identify KOLs in the US and rest of world

  • Obtain the complete scientific history of all KOLs
  • Identify rising KOLs most active in the last 2 years
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The Approach

We deployed the Adnexi platform to perform an algorithmic search for the disease of interest.

  • We determined the 32 ways in which this disease was referred to in the clinical literature

  • We programmed the Adnexi platform to search for KOLs and analyze data on:
    • Publications
    • Clinical trials
    • NIH grants
    • Reported payments from biopharma
    • KOL contact information
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The Solution

Adnexi provided the client with a complete solution, customized for this rare disease. We relied on Adnexi's proprietary search algorithm, to produce a complete and customized search.

Despite the rarity of this contidion, the Adnexi algorithmic search identified:

  • 25,000 authors in the disease of interest

  • 7,500 articles published on the disease

  • 50 clinical trials working to develop treatments for this condition

Our deliverables included:

Customized KOL Platform

Complete, searchable, ranked list that updates daily with new information


Individual KOL Profiles

Navigate detail data on each KOL including contact information, affiliation history, publications, clinical trials, NIH grants, payment, NPI number and more.

KOL Mapping

A collaboration map for each KOL to enable the company to select advisory boards, publication groups and clinical trial investigators.


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