Case Study

Customized KOL Discovery and Vetting Solution for Biopharma Leader

The Challenge

An established biopharma company developing a life-saving treatment to combat acute opioid overdoses selected Adnexi to:

  • Identify KOLs in the US only who met specific designation criteria

  • Obtain the complete scientific history of all KOLs
  • Provide the ability to track the compliance vetting status of each KOL
  • Integrate with Veeva CRM with daily data interchange
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The Approach

We deployed the Adnexi platform to perform an algorithmic search for the disease of interest.

  • Adnexi determined the professional designations of interest to the client and filtered profiles accordingly
  • Adnexi programmed the platform to search for KOLs and bring in data on:
    • Publications
    • Clinical trials
    • NIH grants
    • Reported payments
    • Contact information
  • We developed an integration connection with Veeva for daily update of vetting status to meet the compliance needs of the company
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The Solution

Adnexi provided the client with a complete solution customized for this use case.

Our deliverables included:

Customized Search of KOLs

We customized the search functionality to meet the needs of this client, which included being able to search by the Company's Vetting Status


Vetting Status Integration

We integrated the vetting status into the listing of KOLs so that company employees could easily identified the compliance status for each KOL.

In addition, we setup a daily Veeva integration link to transmit data on the vetting status of each KOL.


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