We find the KOLs that accelerate life-saving treatments

Adnexi works with the biopharma industry to answer the following important questions and accelerate drug development and launch:

Who are the leading and rising KOLs?

We search for and find the KOLs that matter most to your treatment. We can customize the search by country, years in the profession, activity, and many other parameters.

What is the scientific history of each KOL?

We build complete, accurate, and ever-updating individual profiles for each KOL. These profiles provide the KOL's history of publications, clinical trials, NIH grants, reported payments, contact information, and more. You'll have all the information you need to begin developing or to deepen these important relationships.

Which KOLs are used to collaborating together?

For each KOL, we generate a collaboration map to understand which KOLs have already collaborated on previous projects. This data is vital for planning your next publication group, advisory board, or speaker's bureau.


Schedule time today to discover the KOLs that matter most.

Our team at Adnexi would love to help you efficiently discover and map relevant KOLs for your disease of interest.

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